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Phase Changing Materials
Adapts to biorythm of user

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Climate Floor with PCM

Phase Changing Materials

The climate floor contains Phase Changing Materials (PCM) that automatically adjust to the biorhythm of the user. The floor absorbs residual heat (usually during the day) and releases it when the room temperature decreases (usually at night because then the outside temperature drops). This reduces the heating requirement during the day. Benefits? A saving on the required heat capacity, lower temperature differences and a higher thermal comfort.

The climate floor ensures ultimate thermal comfort in the living area (s) of homes and buildings. Thanks to Phase Changing Materials (PCM) in this innovative climate floor, temperature management follows the biorhythm of humans. The required power for heating is halved, the energy management is made more sustainable. The climate floor behaves differently from a more traditional climate floor and / or floor heating. This has to do with the PCMs used in this floor system: non-flammable inorganic thermal salts that behave like thermal mini-batteries. The PCM material melts due to heat absorption from the environment. The environment is cooled. If the temperature drops, the material solidifies again by transferring heat to the environment. The environment is heated. It makes the PCM very suitable as a heat / cold buffer. Below we show how PCM stabilizes the room temperature

Heating with the climate floor:

You reduce the required power by 50%
You realize an energy saving of 30% on heating
You can achieve the largest possible CO2 reduction
Suitable for heating and cooling (no cooling machine required)
Temperature stabilization; a constant comfort temperature in your home
A completely assembled and installed underfloor heating system by experts