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Current CO2 concentration in the atmosphere (ppm) (should be zero)

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Together, we have the power to impact our future. So, we’re doing something about it.

Solar energy, insulation, neutral housing, ice heating … These are some of the many ways to produce the energy we need and to use it wisely without wasting. Storing electricity and heat, sophisticated battery systems, windmills and Oxy-Ion Magnec Decomposion. Let’s do this together!



“WasteGone” is the economic, integral and green solution to our solid waste problem.

Ice Heating

With Ice Heating, we use only electricity, which can be produced from sun, wind, ice or earth.

LED Lighting

Using LED lights reduces consumption of energy tremendously. It also provides extra options, like dimming, colours and more. 

Heat Pumps

These can be used for residential and commercial constructions. The heat pump provides space heating and cooling and in residential construction it produces hot tap water.

“Building systems” – Nanocottage

Building with insulating blocks preserving energy, also making use of sustainable technology that is environment friendly. We proudly present our project: NanoCottage.

Climate Floor (PCM)

The Climate Floor contains Phase Changing Materials (PCM). These adjust automatically to the biorhythm of the user.


The future is bright with PowerSolMaxMicro. The next generation Solar Inverters for your Solar Farm.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels make use of free solar energy! Expensive Solar Panels are past tense. Utilize the sun and start using Solar Panels.

Pre-Lite Storm Light Covid-19 Filter

Protects against the Covid-19 virus by cleaning the air and reducing air particles, by using indoor LED lights.

ælectra heating system

The Electra heating system is a revolutionary zero emission invisible heating system for homes and offices.

Self Charging Batteries

The Box is the first product to be developed on the basis of Neutrino Energy Technology. A revolutionary modular energy system.


Windmills use the kinetic energy from wind. Over centuries it has been used for a variety of purposes. Today generating electricity has become much more efficient and sophisticated.

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Self charging batteries

Exciting new development! Self charging batteries are no longer science fiction. It is based on Neutrino Energy Technology. This revolutionary...

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