Heat Pumps

Heating and Cooling in Residential Constructions

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Herman Harkink

Heat Pumps

Residential and Commercial Heat Pumps

The most common application is in residential and commercial construction where the heat pump is used for space heating and cooling and in residential construction for the production of hot tap water. In this application the heat pump is seen as a shape of durable energy where low temperature surrounding space from the soil or air is used for heating purposes on higher level.

Larger Office Applications

When the soil is used as source for the heat pump, it is often in the larger office applications with heat and cold storage with open bottom sources and increasingly with closed sources. The Netherlands is particularly innovative in the field of application in existing housing.

New Products

New products like the hybrid heat pump, ventilation heat pump and booster heat pupm can be seen as typical Dutch innovations, which have more imitation in Europe. This has also the most future in it. It contains more functions in one system. 

There are Thermal dynamic Heat Pumps, Ice-heating Heat Pumps and ES Air/water Heat Pumps.