Ice Heating

Independent from rising

prices. Effective and universal

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Herman Harkink

Cheap and Environmental friendly

The concept of ice heating

Ice heating is a system that only uses electricity. This energy is available for another five energy units. These renewable energy sources are sun, water, ice and soil.

Ice heating is superior to other heating and cooling systems, because of a high efficiency, operational safety and kindness for the environment.

Ice heating is almost independent from rising energyprices. In summer, the cooling is almost availbable for free.

By the effort from the four renewable energysources, the effecient effort will be guaranteed the whole year. Ice heating buffers without losing heath on a lower temperature and is for this reason very economical. While inducing heath, the CO2 tax will be almost zero. While delevering the cooling, the tax will be completely zero. The costs for heating will descend for 50% and for cooling they wil descend for 99%. The system has a high COP from 7!

Cheap from 22 cents

We can afford an office for 22cents until 2 years from heating, cooling and ventilation. This a basic idea, dependent from the situation and the inquiry for energy.

Save up to > 90%

The current construction standard for buildings is 80 Watt per m2. By using the EBS buildingsystem, we can heat and cool with only 10 Watt per m2. We than save almost 85%. If there is also ice heating applied, it could safe 90%.

Cooling with the ice heating system

In the summer the icesystem could be used for natural cooling. Than, at the end of the year, the system will be completely adjusted to ice, because of the heat source management which interrupts the system.The made ice is from than available as source for natural cooling. Heat gets through the extraction heat exchange out of the heating system and will be extracted and kept in the ice buffer. This will melt the ice and heats the water. The heat which is generated by passive cooling, will be saved in the ice buffer. The place where it was energy for heating and and warm water which was offerend in the heating year.

About crystallization heat and the ice buffer

When the aggregation state from a substance gets over from fluid to solid, energy will be released. This is called the heat of crystallization, also called the fase of transition heat. The energy which is released, is the same energy which is neaded for melting the substance. (Melting heat).

How the energy transformations in an ice heating buffer work and what the height is from a hugh energy capacitance will be clear with the following energy rule.

For melting a litre of ice, you need the same quantity heat, which is used when you warm up a litre water from 0oC to 80oC.
These are the next following five beneftis which have a relation with ice heating.

  • Effective
    Water is favorable where it regards costs. By keeping energy in water, where no isolation is needed for, the efficiency of the system rises. Ice heating is fascinating and kind for the environment. Get the optimum operation with a high efficiency, by the efford of renewable energy sources.
  • Kind for the environment
    There is no danger for ground water while using an ice heating buffer. It could be even applied in ground water protecting areas.
  • Universal
    The ice heating buffer could also be deployed as water reservoir or rainwater reservoir. Farther ice heating can be used for heating a building in the winter as cooling a building in the summer.
  • Economical
    When the energy costs are rising in the future, the time to earn back will be shorter. Installation costs and operating costs can be calculated reliably in advance. On average, the investment in renewable energy sources pays off after six years.
  • Safe
    In conctrast tot the geothermal installations, whose efficiency decreases due by cooling or freezing of the soil, the results from the ice heating are still reliable and without any suprises. Feel free to contact us for more information.