Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our web address is:

We collect personal data. Which data and why?


When people leave a response on our website, we collect the data that you see in the contact form. We also store the IP-address and the browser user agent. This helps us detect spam.


When you buy a product in our shop, we need to register a bit more information, like your billing address.


Details about our cookies can be found in our cookie policy.

Embedded content from other websites

Part of our site can include embedded content (for example video). This content behaves exactly the same as if the you visit that particular site. If, for example, you watch a video that is embedded from YouTube or Vimeo, these websites can collect data from you. For their policy, you need to visit their site.


We use analytics software for statistical purposes, so we can learn from you: which pages are often visited, which are not, in order to be able to improve our website. For more information, please see our cookie policy.

We do not share your data with others

We use the data we collect only to improve the website and to be able to serve you better. We never share this data with other parties.

How long do we keep this data

Wanneer je een reactie achterlaat dan wordt die reactie en de metadata van die reactie voor altijd bewaard. Op deze manier kunnen we vervolgreacties automatisch herkennen en goedkeuren in plaats van dat we ze moeten modereren.

Voor gebruikers die geregistreerd op onze website (indien van toepassing), bewaren we ook persoonlijke informatie in hun gebruikersprofiel. Alle gebruikers kunnen hun persoonlijke informatie bekijken, wijzigen of verwijderen op ieder moment (de gebruikersnaam kan niet gewijzigd worden). Website beheerders kunnen deze informatie ook bekijken en wijzigen.

Your rights regarding your data

If you have an account on this webshop, or you left a reply, you can request an export data file of the personal data we have. You can also request us to delete all of your data. The data we must keep, for example for tax authorities, we will not delete.

Where we send your data

Responses of visitors may be sent to a server for spam detection.

How we secure your data

We sent all data encrypted over the internet. Our servers are protected against viruses.

Contact us

If you have any more questions, please contact us.