Solar Panels

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We provide effective inverters for solar panels.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

A solar panel or photovoltaic panel, also PV panel is panel that converts solar energy into electricity.To this end, a large number of photovoltaic cells are mounted on a panel. The sun energy which is catched in this way is a kind of durable energy, with other benefits and disadvantages then energy generation with fossil fuels. Solar panels are also applied for energy generation in space travel.

A solar panel may not be confused with a sun collector. This is in another way based on warming up a flowing medium, mostly water.

Standard Solar Panels

Usually people work with standard panels, for example, 60 square solar cells of 156 mm side each, some with a panel size of approximately 1.6m².

Do you consider new solar panels? What about PV-Th*?

Power and warm water at once. This will be possible with our Thermal Dynamic system.