Using the kinetic energy of the air

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Windmills convert the kinetic energy of the air (wind) into rotating energy. The energy of the vanes, that start turning, are used for generating electricity, grinding grain or moving water.

Types of windmills

There are two main types of windmill:

There are the ‘industrial’ windmills, that serve to generate electricity. They have become increasingly important as an energy source in the last decades of the twentieth century.

The ‘traditional’ windmills, were of great importance until the eighteenth century, especially in the Netherlands.

Harry Plöhn has reinvented the vertical windmill: The Windboxx

The Windboxx

Wind is almost always there. The question is how it can be used optimally.

The WindBoxx, that utilizes wind, is a so-called ‘vertical’ windmill. This mill has been reinvented with the Windboxx.

The yield is so high that the investment can be earned back around five years.